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Government is the problem



Mr. Lee’s letter last week, spoke to the concerns that many of us have about the quality of public education. As a disgruntled former employer, 40 plus years in the construction industry, I have experienced first hand the lack of math skills, difficulties in conceptualizing or solving problems, and the inability to communicate solutions.

I find it frightening that we continue to look to a federal gov’t for direction in education (common core), when this same gov’t has shown an inability to come to grips with their own issues. Right now we are faced with: 17 trillion debt, a gov’t that has not constructed a budget for the last five years, monitizing our debt which is leading to the devaluation of our currency, the breathtaking ineptness in the health care rollout. Further, we have a gov’t that: draws a red line in the sand, ignores behavior that crosses it, and then denies that it ever created a red line.

I think it is safe to say ,that looking to those who have created these problems for answers, is an exercise in futility.

Thank you for your time.

Barry Cole, Encampment


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