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Acts of kindness


Liz Wood

Carol Blake, seated left, and Valerie Larscheid explain to the fifth grade class what the Prayer Shawl Knitters group means to them.

Ceile Fisher's fifth grade class is at it again. Fundraising for a cause, that is.

The class had such success raising money for their beloved physical education teacher Burt Willford, they are hosting another bake sale.

This fundraiser will benefit the Prayer Shawl Knitters, and the public is invited to attend from 7:45 to 8 a.m., Dec. 17 in the Saratoga Elementary School hallway next to the lunch room.

Carol Blake, a member of the Prayer Shawl Knitters talked to the class about her involvement in the organization and how the shawls are made. She also told the class the group meets on Wednesday mornings and knits shawls.

"The object (of the shawls) is to let people know we care," Blake said to the class.

The Prayer Shawl Knitters have been active for around six years, Blake said, and in that time have knitted nearly 2,000 shawls.

"It takes three to four skeins of yard, which costs $6 to $8 each, so it cost about $25 to $30 to make a shawl," Blake said.

The yarn is purchased with donated money, Blake said.

Valerie Larscheid, who is a recipient of a prayer shawl told the class she was "going through a really scary time" when she received her shawl from the Prayer Shawl Knitters.

Larscheid told the class when she wrapped the shawl around her, she could feel the love.

"I always took it with me when I went to the doctor's," Larscheid told the class. The nurses would lay the shawl over Larscheid as she was going through treatment and she said "it felt so good".

"The shawl is a great comfort and it means so much to me," Larscheid said.

"I can't express how important the fundraising activity is," Larscheid told the class.

The class is excited about the fundraiser. Fifth grader Heath Cushing thinks the fundraiser for the Prayer Shawl Knitters is a good idea because the people need it.

Brodee Barkhurst said the presentation by Blake and Larscheid made him feel that the money was going to a good cause. "It definitely made me think of Mr. Willford."

Campbell Grabow believed donating to the prayer shawl knitters was a really good idea because the knitters are helping people who are sick and might not live, "It might help them to go on," Grabow said.

Justin Shotwell said listening to the presentation made him feel good "because other people are feeling good because they are receiving the prayer shawls."

Zowie Irby said "It makes me feel good inside because it will help people to comfort them."

Katelyn Bifano said listening to the presentation made her interested, "I want to have bake sales more."

"It is a worthy cause because people in our community care for other people," Tasia Daley said. "I want to be a Prayer Shawl Knitter."

Heather Wallace said she feels the class needs to do more fundraisers because it is "not work, it's giving". She wants to give the Prayer Shawl Knitters more money so they can make more shawls.

Jerry Everett said that the presentation reminded him of sick people and he wanted to try and donate more often. "It reminds me of Mr. Willford."

Fisher said she offered the class several choices for the fundraiser and the class chose the Prayer Shawl Knitters.


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