1903: Boys try to burn down school house


Reprint of this story from the December 11, 1903 issue of The Grand Encampment Herald brought to you courtesy of Grandma’s Cabin, Encampment, Wyoming. Preserving History - Serving the Community.

Boys Start a Fire

Early Saturday evening, an attempt was made, presumably by school boys, to burn down the schoolhouse in Grand Encampment. The fire alarm was sounded shortly after seven o’clock, and the department soon had the flames extinguished. The fire was started on the east side of the building under the floor which is exposed. Certain youngsters were suspected and one boy admitted to members of the school board that he saw two other boys apply the match two different times, the second attempt being successful and the fire was started.

Whether or not the case will be taken up farther is not known at present. There is a disposition upon the part of some of the interested parties to prosecute the boys, but no definite action has been taken up to today. The damage to the building was slight, perhaps fifty dollars. School was closed Monday while the floor was being repaired, and convened again on Tuesday morning.

Starved to Death in Coal Mine

Fifteen bodies were taken out of the Hanna mine last week, leaving five yet to be recovered. Those remaining in the mine are John Battle, John Massy, John Norkinen, John Cox and Axel Mattson. Among those taken out during the week were five colored men who had evidently lived some time after the explosion, as they were all found in a bunch in a sitting posture behind a brattice which they had built to ward off the damp and retain what fresh air they had until rescuers could reach them. They undoubtedly starved to death.

Mining Notes:

The Battle Mountain Copper Mining Co., of which Dr. It. A. Camfield is secretary, is pushing work on its property near the Itmay and Keener-Price properties. The most modern improved tramway has been installed in the tunnel to handle the drift matter and ore. The company expects to patent its several claims this winter. The property lies in the well-known mineral belt south of Battle, where several fine copper propositions are being opened up.

The big plant of machinery, mentioned in the Herald last week, has been landed at the Copper Blossom after serious trouble and a few mishaps. It was necessary, on account of the deep snow, to transfer the machinery from wagons onto skids, which was done near Ralli’s. The most aggravating accident was the loss of the 125-horse power boiler, which fell from the skids and rolled down a canyon. Notwithstanding the unfavorable condition of the road, the machinery has all been landed at the property and the big compressor is now in place. Manager C.W. Miller, Jr., states that the next time he brings a plant into the hills in the winter he will employ an airship or no go.

For Rent: At Rambler, Wyo., boarding house all furnished; 8-hole range, large woodshed containing 30 cords of wood, good well and pumps, five bedrooms upstairs, kitchen and dining room. Will rent for $25 a month, or sell for $1,000, building, four lots and all there is in the house. Address Mrs. Walter Scott, Rambler, Wyo.


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