'Pet Giving Tree' to benefit homeless animals


Doug Radunich

The decorated "Pets in Need Giving Tree" stands at Platte Valley Ranch Supply. People can take an ornament from the tree, and buy and donate the item written down to go toward animals at Caring, Learning, Connecting, Rescue and Rehabilitation (CLCRR) in Rawlins, or the Rawlins Rochelle Animal Shelter.

Another local Christmas-based Giving Tree has recently been created, but this time with the goal to help needy homeless animals in Carbon County.

Platte Valley Ranch Supply in Saratoga set up its first annual "Pets in Need Giving Tree", meant to benefit temporarily homeless animals living at Caring, Learning, Connecting Rescue and Rehabilitation (CLCRR) in Rawlins, or the Rawlins Rochelle Animal Shelter. The tree, set up inside Platte Valley Ranch Supply, includes paper ornaments cut in the shapes of dogs, cats, doghouses, bones and hearts.

Pet-related items to donate are written on each ornament, and the items consist of what the shelters need, such as pet food, treats and toys. Ornaments with dollar amounts to donate written on them, such as $5 or $10, are also hung upon the tree.

People are free to take any ornament from the tree, and then buy and/or donate whatever is written down. Megan Greenwood, owner of Platte Valley Ranch Supply, said their Giving Tree began the Friday after Thanksgiving, and will stay standing throughout December.

She said the donations can be given to those at Platte Valley Ranch Supply, and will primarily go toward CLCRR in Rawlins.

"There are a lot of people who want to help out, but they don't want to adopt an animal because they may be allergic or not have the means or ability to adopt," Greenwood said. "This a great way for them to still help out. People can come in and pick an ornament of their choice off the tree, and donate a bag of dog food, cat toy, dish, bowl, leash or something else they can purchase at Platte Valley Ranch Supply. People can also do a monetary donation if they want to, or they can purchase the item on the ornament they choose elsewhere."

Greenwood said the tree is an ideal way to help with a growing problem among domestic animals.

"We have seen a huge number of homeless pets out there, and because of the bad economy people have had to give up pets to shelters," she said. "This is a way to let people become educated and help if they can't adopt an animal. People may not realize a way they can help is to just donate a small bag of dog food, and they don't have to do a tremendous donation or adopt an animal. This is a way for people who want to help, but they don't know know how."

Platte Valley Ranch Supply is located at 1504 S. River St. in Saratoga, and can be reached at 307-326-5283. All interested in donating from the tree can stop in from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturdays.


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