Revised sage-grouse plan up for review


The South Central Sage-Grouse Working Group held an open house in Rawlins yesterday to solicit comments for their Sage-Grouse Conservation Plan Addendum.

A public comment period has already begun, and will run through 5 p.m. Monday, Dec. 23. Comments can be emailed to

Interested persons can find the document online at:

The South Central Sage-Grouse working group is one of eight local working groups statewide. Each is composed of citizens representing various stakeholder groups interested in sage-grouse conservation and associated land management issues. The group has already developed and initiated a conservation plan to benefit sage-grouse and, when feasible, other species that use sagebrush habitats.

However, the Game and Fish Department asked the eight local working groups to update their sage-grouse plans to reflect new policies and information that have become available since the plans were originally completed in 2007. Chief among these are the Governor’s Sage-Grouse Executive Order(s), the BLM’s Instructional Memorandum, and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service’s 2010 threatened and endangered species listing decision in 2010.

In addition, the plan update, which is in the form of an addendum, also better details sage-grouse conservation practices that the group has prioritized for funding via the legislature’s biennial sage-grouse conservation fund appropriation to each local working group.


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