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Restrictions or no restrictions, you make the call


Should people have the right to bear arms? Different states across the country have their own opinions on what people should be able to do with firearms. While some restrictions are necessary, it should not be impossible for the average American to purchase a firearm.

Wyoming gun rights are some of the most lenient in the country. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 59 percent of Wyoming residents owned at least one gun or more, and Wyoming has the least amount of murders associated with firearms. Those statistics show that Wyoming residents have guns and that they are responsible with them. As Wyoming residents, we offer gun safety programs through the 4-H, as well as Hunter Safety classes.

Other states like Washington and Colorado are starting to introduce public restrictions into their state gun laws to help prevent murder and suicide associated with guns. Both states have made it so buyers must show three forms of physical address, which doesn’t include P.O. Box numbers. Depending on the gun shop, background checks may be introduced. You must also have a clean criminal record in most places.

I think that having a clean record is good, so that there is less chance for murder with a gun, but the physical address restriction is too much. A majority of people that want to purchase a gun live in rural areas, like Encampment and physical addresses are hard to come by. Unless you live in the town itself, P.O. Boxes are the only way that people receive their mail. If the UPS will not even deliver a package to my house because the address is not recognizable then why should the U.S. Government require me to use that address to purchase a firearm?

Guns do not kill people, people kill people, and the government just cannot get that concept through its head. A news article on recently said, “If guns kill people; do pencils misspell words, cars drive drunk, and spoons make people fat?” I find this quote very revealing, and hope it makes you realize that guns are not bad, people are.

Just because people can use a gun to hurt someone doesn’t mean there are not other weapons in the world that are used to hurt people. Knives have been used for criminal activity for a much longer time than guns have. Our government laws are passed by the majority of people agreeing on a topic, so the more people I can get to agree that guns are good, the better for everyone in the country.

Wyoming has not put very many restrictions on guns. Wyoming gun laws bluntly state that anyone can own a gun and anyone over eighteen can purchase a gun. The only condition that people have to follow is that if firearms are used to commit a felony or are involved in a crime, the owner or user will be sentenced to no more than 10 years in prison, plus the sentence of the crime committed. Wyoming is one of the few states that will allow its residents to have these privileges.

If the United States Government was to make illegal the use and purchase of firearms in the country, the unemployment rate will go up. There are a lot of people in this country who work for gun companies and make their money on the consumption of these products.

Guns have a positive influence on our country, but when the wrong people get a hold of them they can and will be used for criminal activity. Guns have been a helpful tool for people for many years. They have helped people hunt for food for their families, and protect themselves from animals and sometimes other people. But today’s humans have started to use guns to murder people and immediately everyone else thinks that firearms are bad. If a gun is just sitting there on the table it cannot kill someone until a person picks it up and pulls the trigger. People in today’s world have to be responsible with guns and learn how to use them correctly.

If firearms are used correctly, they are a great tool, but if they are not, terrible things can happen. When people who are not mentally stable have access to guns they often use them to perform bad actions. Restrictions should be set so that the wrong people do not get their hands on them, but the government does not have the right to make it impossible for a person with all of the correct credentials to purchase a firearm.

Personally, guns are a huge part of my life, and should be for every American. Firearms are used for protection, food gathering and recreation. Everyone should own a gun, even if it is just in protest against the state and federal governments’ unreasonable restrictions.


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