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Murder mystery returns to Encampment


Murder is in the air. Fake murder, that is.

Starting Nov. 16, the Grand Encampment Opera Company will host its second annual Murder Mystery Dinner.

“It takes place in the Old West after a big poker tournament,” said Vicki Loftice, a board member of the Grand Encampment Opera Company.

Tickets cost $20, which buys a western-themed dinner, and participation in the murder mystery. The doors open at 5:30 p.m., and at that moment, is when you begin playing your character, Loftice said.

However, tickets are limited. If you would like to participate, call Loftice at 307-710-5934. After signing up, you will receive an email giving you a character name, some background information of the character you will be playing and prop and costume suggestions. Once arriving, playing your character, one of the characters will be announced dead, beginning the night of fun and investigation for the other guests. At that time, all the guests will be given more information regarding their characters. After some time, the guests will be given more information and an opportunity to guess who the murderer might be. At the end, all characters will announce their roles, and the murderer will be revealed. There will be a prize for those who guessed correctly.

Encampment resident Shannon Fagan, a participant in last year’s murder mystery, is excited for the festivities.

“I enjoy theater in general, and this is a fun way that if you are not an actor, interact with everyone and no one has stage fright,” she said.

Fagan said she has enjoyed similar dinner theaters in the past, but the Grand Encampment Opera Company’s Murder Mystery provides a unique experience.

“It is unique because everyone already knows each other and it is fun to see the different characters shine through them,” she said.

This will be the second Murder Mystery since the the Grand Encampment Opera House was remodeled in 2012.

“When deciding what to do for our first dinner theater after the renovations were complete it was decided to get the audiences more involved and do a murder mystery type play,” said Mary Martin of the Grand Encampment Opera Company. “Last year’s participation was wonderful with everyone showing up in costumes they had designed and ready to be their pre-assigned characters.”

Martin said part of the fun is it’s like a Halloween party, going as someone else in costume.

“You pretend like you are somebody else for a couple of hours, and anyone can do it,” she said.


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