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Letter to the Editor: Councilman defends his actions



I would like to respond to Mr. Shannon’s comments made in the October 16, 2013 Saratoga Sun.

It os not my job to notify the Council of actions that are not recommended by the Planning Commission. The procedure for that is as follows: The Chairperson, or the designated representative, which has been Chuck Bartlett, informs the Town Clerk of the Commission’s recommendations, it is then put on the agenda for the Council to approve or disapprove after discussion. This has been the procedure that has been followed since my first term as a Councilman. It is not my job or yours to notify the Town Council as to the actions of the Planning Commission.

My comments are usually restricted to things I would like to have changed or recommended. A good example is my comments at the Oct. 15, 2013 Council Meeting: That the Planning Commission would probably be voting on the proposed changes to the zoning districts at the next Planning Commission meeting.

Mr. Shannon has objected to my being a part of the debate when it is in conflict to his position but he has never had an objection when it was supporting his position. Example: when the Planning Commission denied a variance to allow a modular home to be erected on one of the lots in his and Cindy Bloomquest’s development I lobbied to overturn the Planning Commission’s decisions and he did not have a a problem with my actions then. He then asked me to lobby for his appointment to the Planning Commission, which I did as both a Councilman and a Planning Commission member, and both of those was in Mr. Shannon’s and Ms. Bloomquest’s favor.

It is apparent to me that Mr. Shannon has no problem with me advocating, as a Councilman and Planning Commission member, when he benefits from my actions but when I do not support his position, he has a problem with my being both a Town Councilman and a Planning Commission member.

Mr. Shannon, this is the height of hypocrisy, on your part, as far as I am concerned. It is my opinion that you were either asleep or out to lunch when these lessons were bing taught to you. I have been consistent with my actions as a Councilman. Something you cannot claim. First you approve of my actions when they are supporting you, but the minute I do not support your position, you do not approve of my actions.

The bottom line is I was elected to my position as a Town Councilman, by a majority of the voting public and if the voting public does not approve of my actions either, voices will be heard at the next election.

Steve Wilcoxson

Councilman for the Town of Saratoga


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