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Letter to the Editor: Dr. Dean helps with changes coming



The Affordable Care Act (ACA) changes are coming … no matter if you view this as a step forward or backwards.

We are starting to field questions on the changes and thought that we should make some of these reputable sources known to the community. is the official website of the federal “marketplace” which also has been known as the health insurance exchange. Residents of Wyoming who are looking for insurance coverage will be able to buy coverage from this website. Small businesses will also be able to buy coverage at the website from the “SHOP Marketplace.”

A second website is one specific for Wyoming called This website is informational only as the actual health insurance policies will have to be purchased from the website above.

The “Marketplace” is scheduled to be open October 1st. As of the time of this letter, there are many details to be worked out and both of these websites lack actual quotes for insurance programs but they do outline the levels of coverage available. The websites also show calculations for the subsidies available to families making less than 400% of the federal poverty level.

Lastly, but not least, please remember that those who have not purchased healthcare coverage in 2014 may be subject to a “fee” by the IRS.

As your local providers of healthcare, we will partner with you to weather the storm of changes.

Dr. Dean Bartholomew



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