Princess's birthday, tear gas, and selling eagles


September 26, 1912

101 years ago

(1913-14 archives not available)

Pretty birthday party

Little Grace Winsor was five last Sunday and her mother gave her a birthday party Saturday. There were about 35 little people near Grace’s own age, who assemble at the Winsor residence to do honor to the occasion. After the manner of good mothers Mrs. Winsor had prepared cakes, ices and other things that children like and after they wearied themselves with childish games they were regaled with the feast made ready for them. It was a very happy little party and will mard a red letter day in the lives of many who were attendance.

September 22, 1938

75 years ago

Accidentally burned by tear gas shell

Oval Leverett, local high school student, was quite painfully burned about the head Saturday evening when a tear gas shell exploded in his face. He was attending a dance at Ten Mile resort, and picked up what he presumed to be a small pocket flashlight. He pressed the button on the gadget, and noting that it failed to light, turned it to inspect the end. About that time the shell was discharged and he received a full benefit of the contents in his face. He was seriously burned by the gas, especially about the eyes, and is under the care of the doctor.

September 26, 1963

50 years ago

Chevrolet dealer has ’64 Bel Air on display

Chevrolet- virtually certain of setting an all-time sales mark in 1963- intends to continue this success in 1964 by offering the widest choice of automobiles in its history.

Introduced in Chevrolet dealerships today will be 43 new models in five distinct sizes. This is ten more models than Chevrolet offered in 1963 and the greatest number the division has ever offered in a single year.

A 1964 model Bel Air Chevrolet will be displayed at the River Street Motor Co., according to Carl Sjoden. Everyone is invited to visit the local dealer and view this new model.

The 43 models will be in five lines of Chevrolet cars for 1964 including regular Chevys, Chevelles, Chevy II’s, Corvairs and Corvettes.

September 21, 1988

25 years ago

Encampment man arrested for selling eagle carcasses

An Encampment man was arrested last week by U.S. Fish and Wildlife agents for selling Golden Eagle carcasses.

According to assistant U.S. Attorney Lisa Lechuck, Dan Thompson, 45, was arrested in Wyoming near the Colorado border by federal agents acting in an undercover capacity for selling the carcasses of Gold Eagles, and was transported to the Laramie County Jail in Cheyenne.

Lechuck said although the sale had taken place in Wyoming, federal agents in the Colorado district had been working on the case. She said, “The bust was supposed to take place in Walden.”

According to Lechuck, Thompson allegedly had made two prior eagle carcass sales to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife agents in Colorado as well as allegedly making two sales in Wyoming. She said the total number of eagle carcasses Thompson had sold to the agents was 21. Eight eagles had been sold in Wyoming and 13 had been sold in Colorado. Each of the 10 birds was allegedly sold for $250.

Because the Colorado agents had been working on the case, Lechuck said Wyoming dismissed their charges against the man last Friday, pursuant to charges filed in Colorado against Thompson. She said Wyoming may decide to re-file its charges against the man depending on what happens in Colorado. There is a five year statute of limitations, however. She said, “We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”

In Colorado, Thompson is charged with two counts of violating the Lacey Act and faces five years in prison, a $250,000 fine and a special $50 assessment on each count. The Lacey Act prohibits the sale of threatened species for commercial purposes.

Thompson is being held without bond and is awaiting transportation in Colorado.


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