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Letter to the editor: Mayor wants better monitoring at Brewfest



The date is January 1st, 1998 the location is Green River, Wyoming:

Susan McDonald mother of 5 year old Carlie McDonald after becoming intoxicated choose to place Carlie in the front seat of her car and drive. Susan entered I-80 and at 75 mph rear ended a slow moving semi-trailer.

There was un-survivable damage to the right front passenger side of the vehicle where Carlie had been placed instead of the back seat. Carlie who loved the movie “The Lion King” and her dog, died at the scene of the accident.

I thought of young Carlie on Monday Morning when I was contacted about concerns of adults leaving the Brew-Fest visibly intoxicated with their kids. These adults got in vehicles and drove off. Just like Carlie, these kids didn’t have a choice if they were placed in the car.

This letter isn’t about stopping the Brew-Fest but it is about taking responsibilities for our actions, and the actions of others. Though I don’t drink much now when I was younger I drank often and I drank a lot. I knew when I had too much to drink and I knew when I shouldn’t drive.

Until this week I also didn’t realize how much more of an alcohol content that Micro-Brews had over your regular beer. So I guess my goals for the next Brew-Fest is:

Educate the people on the higher alcohol content of Micro-Brews

Have event staff that is recognized as such by wearing a t-shirt, that aren’t drinking, that can monitor those leaving and arrange for rides when they are obviously intoxicated.

Be sure those that are serving the Micro-Brews are trained to recognize someone that shouldn’t be served (we encourage our local bartenders to do this and most have)

I can only ask those adults that have drank too much to make other arrangements but remember your kids don’t have the option not to get in your car. Please don’t put them in that situation.

Mayor John Zeiger



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