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At Deseret Health and Rehab, residents enjoyed many activities throughout the week. The Activity Department offers a wide variety of activities each week to meet residents’ interests, as well as the physical, mental and psychological well-being of each resident.

Games throughout the week provided fun and laughter. On Sunday morning, two residents played Wii Bowling. On Sunday afternoon, six residents played Uno with Edith Donnis winning. On Wednesday afternoon, 12 residents played Bingo, and on Friday afternoon, 12 residents played Bingo. Kenny Hoagland and Helen Schmitt won Four Corners. Jeanette Baker and Carol Higby won Blackouts. Our Bingo helpers were Gloria Rakness, Betty Dean, and Lila Worden. On Saturday afternoon, residents played Blackjack.

Residents enjoyed watching movies during the week. Every evening several residents watched Turner Classic Movies. On Sunday morning, residents watched “Gidget Goes Hawaiian”. On Tuesday afternoon, four residents watched the DVD movie, “The Sand Lot”. On Saturday morning, residents watched “The Mummy”.

On Sunday afternoon, Pastor Gene Smith of the Platte Valley Christian Center led church for eight residents. Doris Davis assisted on the keyboard with traditional religious music.

On Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings, residents listened to a new book, Mary Higgins Clark’s “No Place Like Home”.

For Lunch Out at the Saratoga Senior Center, two residents had baked ham on Monday, and five residents had roast beef and birthday cake on Friday.

On Monday during supper, Nancy Facciani played old favorites on her accordion.

On Wednesday morning, Brenda Zeiger did Hair Care for four ladies and nails for three ladies.

On Thursday afternoon, the Relief Society hosted the monthly birthday party. We celebrated the birthdays of Jeannie James, Mary Ann Roberts, and Shirley Hansen with cake and ice cream.

On Friday during supper, Teense Willford sang and played country western music for 24 residents.

On Saturday morning, four resident went for a van ride to Encampment and surrounding areas with Tasha Michelson.

On Saturday afternoon, residents enjoyed ice cream sandwiches.

The Activity program relies on volunteers to enhance residents’ lives. If interested, please call 326-8212 and ask for the Activity Director, Tom Mansfield.


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