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What a beautiful month of May. We have placed four hummingbird feeders around the building and have been delighted with the outcome “feed them and they will come”. It kind of reminds me of our wonderful seniors in our neck of the woods, I am enjoying meeting all the new faces as they return for the summer “give them warm weather and they will return”. On May 11 we had our last breakfast at noon on the second Saturday of the month (will return in the fall). We fed 27 and ended the breakfast season on a good note. Our Birthday/Anniversary Dinner was a whole lot of fun. The meal was enjoyed by 47 people including our new Director Lisa Engstrom. Everyone enjoyed meeting and talking with her. The crowd welcomed her and truly enjoyed their one-on-one conversations with her, thanks for joining us Lisa.

Birthday attendees were Jo Bonnett, Laura Rettelle, Mary Lou Noton, John Farr, Leslie Farr, John Pratt and our youngest Trenton Hubbs. Let’s not forget the entertainment Mr. Teense Willford.Thanks so much for great music and laughs everyone loved it, must also thank Sandy Willford for joining us and allowing Teense to work on their anniversary.

Special recognition to Valerie Rigali, Dana Little and the second grade class from Encampment K-12. These teachers and 15 second graders were out cleaning the grounds around the school, library and senior center on the last day of school. The coffee drinkers, Jan and myself, thought that was a great way to teach the kids pride in their hometown by helping to keep it clean. We were so touched by their good deed, we invited them to the center for a cupcake to thank them for their hard work. Bring on the summer and beautiful weather, we will do our best to keep everyone fed and give them a place to get out of the heat by offering air conditioning, good food, and fun activities such as Dominos, card games, quilting and puzzles, thanks to all those who participate in all our activities. Thanks to all the seniors who make my job such a great joy, and to all you readers.


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