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Letter to the editor: Horse budget costs taxpayers



I have a question for the American public that opposes any horse slaughter in the United States.

Do you know that you already own approximately 50,000 head of horses in pastures and pens, with a cost of several million dollars per month to feed and care for them? Also, 15 to 20,000 more are out on the ranges in the western states and need to be gathered up and taken care of. The BLM horse budget for 2012 was approximately $75 million, and that comes from the taxpayer’s pockets. This horse program will continue to grow by the thousands of head and millions of dollars each year. I think the American public should be making comments on what to do with the horse program, instead of what not to do with the horses before we have 100,000 horses penned up and a budget of $100 million.

Thank you,

Richard Rakness



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