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Mule deer quota limited

Restrictions coming to Carbon County hunt areas


Zachary Laux

Wyoming Game and Fish Warden Biff Burton explains the proposed hunting regulation changes to local hunters Monday evening. The Game and Fish department held the meeting to get public input about the changes.

Platte Valley mule deer hunt areas may be limited for the first time ever.

Wyoming Game and Fish released its proposed changes for hunting regulations Monday, and sought public input. One of the proposed changes was to limit the number of hunters in specific hunt areas around Carbon County.

“Platte Valley Mule Deer will be a limited quota hunting season this year,” said Wyoming Game and Fish Biologist Will Schultz in Monday’s meeting. “Those of you who want to hunt in areas 78 through 81, 83 or 161 will need to apply for that license in May.”

Those hunt areas in Carbon County will be limited to 200 or 300 hunters per area during the regular season. Hunters can put their name in for random draw online.

The change in regulations marks the first time for those hunt areas to be limited quota.

Wyoming Game and Fish changed the areas from general license to limited quota after hearing comments from hunters from the Platte Valley Mule Deer initiative.

“Hunters through that Platte Valley Mule Deer Initiative told us that they were not satisfied with the quality of their hunting experience,” said Game and Fish wildlife supervisor Rick King. “They were seeing too many hunters and not enough bucks.”

The proposed changes work to better the “hunting experience” by reducing the number of hunters. The new regulations will remain in effect until 2015.

“After that 2015 season, we will do an in-depth evaluation to see if that’s the direction folks want to go, or if they want to go back to a general structure,” King said.

Many hunters are in favor for the change in regulations.

“I’m in favor for it, just so it doesn’t get over-hunted. I’m for being able to be limited for a specific area,” said local hunter Richard Raymer.

Raymer said he does not usually hunt mule deer, but the changes will be good for hunters who do.

Leonard Johnson, a hunter in the area for the past 49 years, said he is in favor for the change, but wants to see how it will affect hunting.

“I think it’s a start,” he said. I think it will help in the long run. We will just have to wait and see.”

Last year, the Game and Fish limited the number of days in the mule deer season and restricted does, fawns and bucks with less than three points from the season. The point of that was to help increase buck numbers, King said. The Game and Fish hopes to continue increasing the number of bucks in the area while improving the hunting experience.

“Hopefully this will do both,” King said.

The written notes from the public and proposed regulations for 2013 hunting season will be reviewed by the Carbon County Commission April 25.


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