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Letter to the editor: Librarians instill love of reading



Reading and the love of reading is important in a young child’s life. The appreciation, care, ownership, and love for a book, a physical, hardbound, in-your-hands book, is how the love of reading begins. Learning to read, appreciating the book, and wanting to read more is accomplished by truly educated and experienced librarians. So why would an elementary school or even a school district want to cut a full-time, experienced, educated, dedicated elementary librarian and reassign her to a classroom, where she can affect probably 20 children and not keep her in the library where she can affect more than 100 children? It seems this school district is rewarding mediocrity and laying waste to the experience professionals that do exist in this school district.

Sincerely and adamantly,

Virginia Miller

SMHS History Teacher and Endorsed Librarian


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