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Sun for sale, no sage chickens, 22 cutters teams & reporting pygmy cottontails

Reflections from the archives of the Saratoga Sun


100 years ago

February 13, 1913

Mistaken Idea.

There is a report in circulation to the effect that we are going to close down the publication of the SUN. Who ever started such a report had little to do and is another example of what kind of boosting this town is getting at the hands of some of its residents.

As far as we are able to say, this paper will be continued as before until such a time as it can be sold, and when it is sold we expect the buyer to continue it. We will say this much, that this paper is for sale, and we are ready at any time to enter into a bargain with who ever may want it and give title as soon as matters can be straightened out. Under the circumstances we are more anxious to sell now than ever, although the paper has been offered for sale for some time.

Until it is sold we expect to run it along the old lines, for the benefit of this valley and Saratoga, as it has always been run. Just why any one should say that we intended to suspend publication we do not know, but we advise people to go to headquarters for all such reports as may get afloat.

75 years ago

February 17, 1938

Another Closed Season on Sage Chickens

According to an announcement this week by Dr. John W. Scott of the State Game & Fish department, there will be no open season on sage chickens in Wyoming this year. The season was closed on the birds last year, and it is felt another year of protection will serve to allow the flocks within the state to build up materially.

50 years ago

February 14, 1963

22 Teams to Compete in Cutter Races This Weekend

Twenty-two teams from the Steamboat Springs, Colo., Snake River and Saratoga areas will compete in the Saratoga Stampeders’ Cutter Races to be held here Saturday and Sunday. The timed events will begin at 1:00 p.m. both days at the Henry Jackson Ranch northwest of town.

Members of the sponsoring organization, Saratoga Stampeders, assured interested fans that the races would be held come snow or bare ground. If there is snow by this weekend races will be run with cutters. If not, the contestants will put wheels on their rigs and hold chariot races.

Contestants will race their teams over a quarter- mile track in the timed event. Two teams at a time will run … The awards are being donated by the Saratoga Stampeders and Welton’s Western Wear and Aguirre Trucking, and includes a set of horse blankets and a trophy.

25 years ago

February 10, 1988

Hunters Asked to Report Pygmy Cottontails.

The southwestern part of Wyoming has long been recognized as being excellent habitat for a number of wild species with antelope, deer and sage grouse being among the most common. While these species are also found in other parts of Wyoming, the southwest boasts an animal unique to that portion of the state. It was in the early 1980’s when the pygmy cottontail rabbit was first reported in Wyoming by Dr. Tim Clark. They were found in an area between Kemmerer and Evanston, and until recent weeks, that area was the only place in the state they were know to occur. Thanks to a Green River hunter, that all changed when curiosity about an extremely small rabbit he had taken prompted him to bring it into the local Game and Fish office. Biologists immediately identified the animal as a pygmy cottontail, and since the rabbit was taken some 20 miles west of Green River, it confirmed suspicion that the rabbits were more widespread than originally thought. There are four cottontail subspecies in Wyoming- the eastern, mountain, desert and of course the pygmy…


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