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The pig was a hoot


It is Monday and we had a little snow fall during the night. It is so pretty to see the fresh white stuff, especially when it covers all that dirty ice and slush.

Did you make it over for the Winter Carnival? Well, I didn’t get in on any activities, but I did a drive by to check out the snow sculptures. That pig was a hoot!

The activities last week were…active. There were five for bridge. But, the girls share very nicely and everyone had a turn to play. Evelyn, Sheila, Rosemary, Katy and Vivien played to see who would get those quarters. I’m not sure how that works, but there are always quarters on a table when they play.

Ellie was in on Thursday to do blood pressures. There was a good line of folks taking advantage of that service. Thanks again, Ellie.

The quilters didn’t share anything new on that raffle quilt. But, I am sure it is still making progress. Lila’s quilt will be done in a couple weeks and the raffle quilt is in the plans for the next to be in the frames. Can’t wait!

“A Salute to Fruit” is the puzzle being worked on at this time. It is a table covered with baskets of fruit. The pieces are being placed by Betty, Lois, Bob, Laura, Madeline, Bill, Wayne, and I have even found a few.

Our volunteers didn’t have much extra to do last week as everything is holding together pretty nicely. Bill, Madeline, Vonda, Nancy, Bob, Lois, and Laura delivered meals during the week.

Then there are the domino players that keep the tiles clacking. There were games played everyday with a different person winning each day. Now, wasn’t it nice that they shared the privilege?

Coffee was downed mornings by a combination of Ellie, Arleigh, LeDawn, Patty, Connie, Laura and Jo. They can’t all make it every morning, but someone is here daily.

Well, that about wraps it up for another week at the Sagebrush Senior Center. Tomorrow I hand over the reins to Ronda. She and Kim will do very nicely, I am sure. Call for a reservation and join us for a meal or just stop in for a chat and a cup of coffee. You can’t find a better place to hang-out!

Blessings to all of you from Dodey.


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