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Cow’s tail hair, air conditioners and record derby


Compiled by Joe Elder

100 years ago

Feb. 6, 1913

Wyoming Number 36

Wyoming was the 36th state in the Union to ratify the amendment to the Federal constitution so that the Income Tax can be made a federal law. All incomes even down to $4,000 or $5,000 may be taxed under the amendment. This means an income to the Government of over $1,000,000,000 per year. There was not a dissenting vote against the resolution in the vote taken Tuesday.

75 years ago

Jan. 27, 1938

Now there is market for cow’s tail hair

The only use a farmer could ever figure out for the long hair on a cow’s tail was to make it uncomfortable for the fellow on the milking stool when the tail was swished around with a “thwack” to fight flies.

But science has found a use for the hair from cow’s tails that give the hair a value now of 33 cents a pound.

Thomas E. Wilson, chairman of the board of Wilson & Company, Chicago packers, told the American National Livestock Association at Cheyenne last week that science has given the hair from cow’s tails a prominent place in the new industry of air conditioning.

Wilson told the convention that air filters made from a mixture of hog hair and cattle-tail hair are being extensively used in connection with air-conditioning.

The once worthless hair is now worth a third of a dollar a pound, while hog hair sells just under five cents a pound now, where the packers used to pay to have it destroyed.

50 years ago

Jan. 31, 1963

21-unit motel to be built in Saratoga this summer

Announcement of plans for construction of a new 21-unit motel in Saratoga were made this week by J.P. Mihelich. The structure will be known as “The Saratogan” and will be located on the river northwest of the highway bridge.

Construction is slated to start July 1, and the motel is expected to be finished by Jan. 1, 1964. The units will be built in an “L” shape and all cottages will face the river.

Several cabins and other buildings now on the property will be removed, Mr. Mihelich said. The house in which the Mihelichs live will not be moved.

Final details as to the type of units, size, landscaping, etc., will be released this spring, Mr. Mihelich said.

25 years ago

Jan. 27, 1988

Record number of tagged fish caught at ice fishing derby

Chamber awards $8,125 in cash

A record number of ice fishermen participated in the annual Saratoga Ice Fishing Derby last weekend, winning a total of $8,125 in cash prizes, despite road closures and extreme wind gusts.

Derby officials said over 1200 fishermen were registered in the annual fishing contest with 13 people catching fish worth $500 each. No one managed to catch the “big boy” valued at $5,000, however, four people caught fish which were tagged in previous years and were awarded $50 each for those fish. Cash prizes for the three largest fish were also awarded, in addition to $500 in a drawing from derby tickets, and numerous prizes.

Weather conditions on Saturday were less than ideal, as the wind howled across southeastern Wyoming, forcing the closure of many roads leading into the Platte Valley. Derby officials estimated another 300 people may have attended the event if they had been able to get to Saratoga on Saturday.

Although the wind was a deterrent to fishermen, it didn’t stop them from braving the elements, nor did it stop the fish from biting …


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