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Bingo prizes needed at Valley View


yed many activities throughout the week. The Activity Department offers a wide variety of activities each week to meet the residents’ interests, as well as the physical, mental and psychological well-being of each resident.

Games throughout the week provided fun and laughter. Bingo draws more residents than the other games, and we play Bingo twice a week. We receive periodical donations of money and candy for Bingo. We also hand out various prizes. However, we are currently very low on prizes for Bingo. Donations of small prizes, including small stuffed animals, by anyone would be greatly appreciated.

On Wednesday afternoon, eight residents played Bingo, and on Friday, 11 residents played Bingo. Bill Bartlett, Carol Higby and Richard Williams won Four Corners. Mae Harris, Sunny Behonek, Jeanette Baker, Richard Williams, Dora Martin and Kenny Hoagland won Blackouts. Lila Worden, Betty Dean, Joy Martin and Donna Erickson were our Bingo helpers.

Other games offered amusement throughout the week as well. On Sunday morning, Jeanette Baker and Frank Jereb played Wii Bowling. On Sunday afternoon, seven residents played Uno with Jeanette Baker winning. On Saturday afternoon, four residents played Blackjack with Barbara Heater winning.

On Sunday afternoon, Pastor Smith of the Platte Valley Christian Center led church service.

On Tuesday morning, Pastor Easterling offered Bible Study, assisted by his wife, Debbie, on the guitar.

On Wednesday morning, Janice Kerpan and Mildred Hennek gave eight ladies beautiful hairdos.

On Thursday afternoon, the Saratoga Presbyterian Deacons hosted our monthly birthday party with ice cream and cake. We celebrated the birthdays of Nadine Caleb, Jim Davis, Mae Harris, Barbara Heater and Phillip Proulx.

On Friday, six residents had roast beef and birthday cake for Lunch Out at the Saratoga Senior Center. We celebrated the birthdays of Mae Harris and Barbara Heater.

On Saturday afternoon, 20 residents and staff enjoyed the weekly Ice Cream Social.

Evening activities included Turner Classic Movies: Anna and the King of Siam on Sunday, What Lies Beneath on Monday, The League of Gentlemen on Tuesday, A Man’s Castle on Wednesday, Cry Danger on Thursday, and Lolita on Saturday. On Tuesday afternoon, residents watched Forever Young, and on Friday evening they watched Mrs. Doubtfire.

The Activity program relies on volunteers to enhance residents’ lives. If interested, please call 326-8212 and ask for the Activity Director, Tom Mansfield.


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