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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, I cannot believe the Saratoga Sun staff is endorsing having children play with fireworks. I had to look twice in the photos of Medicine Bow, when I saw small children playing with fireworks and then saw it was supervised by the Medicine...


An explosive idea

Medicine Bow recently demonstrated what we at the Saratoga Sun feel is a good idea. The town allowed children and adults alike to play with fireworks. The reason this was allowed is that the county, despite having a fireworks ban, cedes authority to...


Remember the teachers

I was out in my garden last Sunday afternoon and did a twist of my back somehow and by the evening, I was in major pain. Gut wrenching torture, that made me want to puke; I couldn’t walk for more th...


Groggy notes, or, the Zorro of the Saratoga Sun

I occasionally have to do what we call “inserting.” It’s fairly self explanatory but I’ll fill you in anyway. We upload the Saratoga Sun to the press in Cheyenne Tuesday afternoons and when...

 By Joshua Wood    Opinion    July 4, 2018

Little pay and no glory

On June 28, a shooter claimed five lives at the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Md. after he shot out the front window of the building that housed the newspaper and roamed the newsroom with a shotgun.... Full story


Carbon County makes you tough

It is no secret I have lived in a fair amount of places in my life, but I really don't think I have ever lived an area that can have such different weather that is less than 40 miles apart. This...


Caring enough to participate

School is out, Memorial Day has passed and summer has arrived in an even numbered year. This signals, among other things, the beginning of the campaign season for elections. The deadline for filing as a candidate in the midterm primary elections was...


Space ain't what it used to be

“We choose to go to the moon in this decade (the 1960s) and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best... Full story

 By Joshua Wood    Opinion    June 6, 2018

Talk is cheap (or free), until it's not

“Somewhere along the line we started misinterpreting the First Amendment and this idea of the freedom of speech the amendment grants us. We are free to speak as we choose without fear of...

 By Mike Armstrong    Opinion    May 30, 2018

The perks and pitfalls of celebrity

When writing a column, way too often, I start on a topic and as I put the idea in words, I find myself waylaid by another theme. Then I realize I want to do a column on the new concept. So the other...

 By Keith McLendon    Opinion    May 23, 2018

Where did the water cooler go?

At one time (not that long ago) there were three major television stations (okay, four if you count PBS) and everyone watched something on one of those stations. The next day, workers would “gather...

 By Joshua Wood    Opinion    May 16, 2018

Plans vs. life: Finding happiness in the mix

The novelist and satirist Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain, once said, “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.” The month of May has reached the halfway point and...

 By Mike Armstrong    Opinion    May 9, 2018

Cure 'round the world

I thought I had beaten the flu season again this year. Last year I had one day where I had gotten the inklings of being under the weather and I dosed myself with vitamins and rest. It worked and I...

 By Keith McLendon    Opinion    May 2, 2018

All wrapped up: The origin of toilet paper

You were warned. I mentioned in my last column I would be writing about the origins of toilet paper. It was kind of a goof—but then I thought, “what the hey?” When I looked up information on...


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