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  • Commissioners approve transmission line

    Joshua Wood|Feb 17, 2021

    After nearly two months, Rocky Mountain Power finally received approval for construction of a transmission line between the Shirley Basin Substation in Carbon County and the Windstar Substation in Natrona County. As was previously reported (see “Rocky Mountain permit tabled” on page 1 of the December 30, 2020 Saratoga Sun), following concerns raised by the Medicine Bow Conservation District and land owners in the area the Board of Carbon County Commissioners (BOCCC) tabled approval of the con...

  • Can you please hold?

    Joshua Wood|Feb 17, 2021

    In recent months, representatives for Union Telephone Company (Union Wireless) have appeared before the Board of Carbon County Commissioners (BOCCC) for approval to extend the height of existing telecommunication towers. These requests come as Union Wireless prepares for the introduction of 5th Generation (5G) wireless, which has garnered questions and concerns about the health impacts of the newest wireless technology. During the February 2 meeting of the BOCCC, a conditional use permit from...

  • Filling a void

    Mike Armstrong|Feb 17, 2021

    Joel James, Brierly Associates, gave a presentation on the status of the Abandoned Mines Land (AML) program in Hanna on February 9. He explained the purpose of the program was to mitigate hazards to public health and safety posed by abandoned mines, which Hanna has in abundance. The program is funded by federal fees on current coal mining. He said final disbursement of AML funds ends in 2022, but that reclamation work will continue past 2022. James said, in 2020, the completed mitigation...

  • Draft NRMP plan released

    Staff Report|Feb 17, 2021

    The Board Carbon County Commissioners, along with a steering committee, has completed a draft Natural Resource Management Plan (NRMP). The County developed this Plan as a tool which allows a local government to have a substantive impact on federal decisions, plans, policies, and programs. Federal agencies consideration of a local natural resource management plan, or resource plan, can play a key role in the success of a local government engaging as a cooperative agency or with consistency review under the National Environmental Policy Act...

  • Dumb idea with bad timing: canceling  newspaper published legal notices

    Bill Sniffin|Feb 17, 2021

    Using both tight budgets and a Covid pandemic as excuses, the dumb idea of limiting printed public notices in Wyoming newspapers has reared its ugly head again in the Legislature in Cheyenne. Wyoming citizens should be both outraged at this proposal plus the fact that their taxes are paying for the lobbyists who are pushing for it. Crazy. Here is a fact: There are some people in government who like working out of the public’s eye. They do not like reporters or, worse yet, pesky citizens poking their noses into their work. To many of our city a... Full story

  • Editorial Cartoon

    Feb 17, 2021

  • Public notices must remain accessible

    Saratoga Sun Editorial|Feb 17, 2021

    When the Wyoming Legislature reconvenes in March, the perennial battle to keep public notices in Wyoming newspapers will return as well. On February 4, the Senate Corporation Committee voted 4-1 to advance to the Wyoming Senate legislation that would remove the requirement for counties and municipalities to publish minutes and salary information in newspapers. Senate File 17 was crafted under the guise of saving the counties and municipalities money during much needed budget crunches. During the nearly two hour meeting, which be found at... Full story

  • Barn raising in Riverside

    Dana Davis|Feb 17, 2021

    The Riverside Town Council meeting of February 11, 2021 discussion centered around new resident Peggy Huntley’s questions about building a “barndominium”. According to Huntley, a barndominium is a pole building that is finished inside. She said that there are examples on YouTube if anyone is interested in seeing what they look like. Huntley also promised the council that it would not look like an actual barn once it is complete. Previous to the meeting, Huntley had been provided a packet with...

  • A grand time coming

    Dana Davis|Feb 17, 2021

    The Encampment Town Council meeting on February 11, 2021 began with public guest John Farr who requested permission to use the park and the area behind the Grand Encampment Museum for the Colorado Grand, which comes through the area every three years. This year the group will be in Encampment on September 19. According to Farr, an $8,000 scholarship is provided along with some funding for the highway department. Farr also said that any COVID-19 restrictions that are in place at that time will...

  • Making the dream work

    Staff Report|Feb 17, 2021

    There's a lot more that goes into running a successful medical clinic than just having a doctor or nurse who can see patients. What goes on quietly in the background is equally important to the smooth running of the operation-and ultimately to the healthcare of the community. Consider, for a moment, the jobs of Lisa Bifano and Elizabeth Grubert at the Platte Valley Clinic. Bifano, an LPN, and Grubert, a medical assistant, work as a team with Dr. Adrian Durham and Nurse Practitioner Susan Foley...

  • Medicine Bow tries to control traffic

    Mike Armstrong|Feb 17, 2021

    At the February 8 meeting of the Medicine Bow Town Council, the audience and council members learned from town Marshal Dave Redding that trucks were not observing the 30 miles per hour speed limit through town. “This past weekend, I gave out $2,100 in tickets,” Redding said. “I probably could have given out more, but I was called away by Highway Patrol for a good part of the weekend due to all the accidents.” He said that Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) got back to him saying...

  • Wolf survives COVID

    Mike Armstrong|Feb 17, 2021

    The Hotel Wolf is hard to miss coming into Saratoga. An L-shaped, two and one-half story, brick and frame building located on lots 11 and 12 of Block 27 of the town, the front of the hotel faces Bridge Avenue to the north and the west side faces First Street. With a steeply-gabled roof, roof dormers and many plain, rectangular windows, the Wolf is one of the most impressive historic structures in Saratoga. It has enjoyed many years as a must visit venue when travelers come to the Valley. The...

  • Lady Panthers scratched by conference foes

    Joshua Wood|Feb 17, 2021

    It was a difficult weekend for the Saratoga Lady Panthers as they went 0-2 while on the road against two conference rivals. On Friday, Saratoga was hosted by the No. 1 Cokeville Lady Panthers (11-4, 5-0) and by the No. 2 Farson Eden Lady Pronghorns (8-6, 5-1) on Saturday. While both matches would eventually result in a loss, Head Coach Heather Bartlett saw some good things on the court from the Lady Panthers. Lady Panthers vs. Lady Panthers While late in the season, this was the first match...

  • Lady Tigers drop three games

    Joshua Wood|Feb 17, 2021

    With the regular season drawing to a close, the Encampment Lady Tigers were dealt a trio of losses as they hosted one conference rival and were hosted by two more last week. On Thursday, Encampment's first game since returning from quarantine was in Tiger Nation as they hosted the Little Snake River Valley (LSRV) Lady Rattlers (7-6, 2-4). The Lady Tigers were then hosted by the No. 2 Farson-Eden Lady Pronghorns (8-6, 5-1) on Friday and the No. 1 Cokeville Lady Panthers (11-4, 5-0) on Saturday....

  • Panthers return to the top

    Joshua Wood|Feb 17, 2021

    The Saratoga Panthers returned to the top spot in the difficult 1A Southwest Conference this weekend as they dealt losses to the Cokeville Panthers (7-8, 2-3) and the Farson-Eden Pronghorns (11-3, 4-2). As the regular season draws to a close, the defending state champions will play two more conference rivals and prepare to host the 1A Southwest Regionals Quad. “The Cokeville/Farson road trip is always challenging, and those are both tough places to play,” said Jason Williams, head coach of the...

  • Almost a secret weapon

    Mike Armstrong|Feb 17, 2021

    When Hanna, Elk Mountain, Medicine Bow (HEM) student Charlee Solaas decided to go out for wrestling in her sophomore year, she admits there were challenges. "Back when I first started, I think the hardest part was not running into any other female wrestler," Solaas said. "When I would show up for meets, I would have to change in janitor closets and nurse's offices, even bathroom stalls." She said the next year, there were a couple girls at the meets, including one from Rawlins. "This year there...

  • Tigers take two, lose one over weekend

    Joshua Wood|Feb 17, 2021

    The Encampment Tigers secured two conference wins and were dealt one conference loss this weekend as they hosted the Little Snake River Valley (LSRV) Rattlers (1-11, 0-6) on Thursday and were hosted by the Farson-Eden Pronghorns (11-3, 4-2) on Friday and the Cokeville Panthers (7-8, 2-3) on Saturday. With the regular season drawing to a close and one more conference game on their schedule, the Tigers are currently ranked at No. 2 in the 1A Southwest. Tigers vs. Rattlers When the Rattlers hosted...

  • Frozen Fore a hole-in-one

    Joshua Wood|Feb 17, 2021

    The inaugural Carbon County Classic Frozen Fore appeared to be, by all counts, a success for the Saratoga Historical and Cultural Association (Saratoga Museum) on February 13. Despite the overcast sky and the cool winds, nearly 70 people headed out to Saratoga Lake to venture out on the ice and try their hand at some winter golfing. According to Kimberly Givens, director of the Saratoga Museum, a total of 68 people were in attendance and 17 teams tried their hand at 12 holes. The participants ap...

  • Dealing some cold hands

    Joshua Wood|Feb 17, 2021

    Despite the subzero temperatures in the Valley on Valentine's Day, snowmobilers, snowshoers and cross-country skiers took to the mountains to participate in the annual Upper Valley Search and Rescue's Ben Romios Memorial Poker Run. In its 23rd year, the annual event is held in honor of the late Benjamin F. Romios. Romios, an Encampment resident and 1995 graduate of Encampment High School, was an experienced snowmobiler who lost his life in January 1998 in an avalanche. The money raised by the...

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