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 By Max Miller    News    December 28, 2016

Knowledge and gear

Outside, the evening of Dec. 16, wind-blown snow had lowered visibility to a couple hundred feet and the temperature was falling like a stone. Inside, around 10 people spread out across the Platte... Full story

 By Max Miller    News    December 28, 2016

Questions for garden board

At the Dec. 20 meeting of the Saratoga Town Council, about five members of the public were present to hear council member Will Faust level accusations of financial impropriety against members of the... Full story

 By Max Miller    News    December 28, 2016

Hangar hash

An approaching winter storm likely kept several regular attendees at home during the monthly meeting of the Saratoga Airport Board Dec. 13. About five members of the public did turn out, however, and... Full story

 By Max Miller    News    December 28, 2016

River project down to 3

According to an email sent Dec. 23 by a consultant named Jon Nelson, five contractors submitted proposals for a project to clear gravel bars on the North Platte River. Of those five, three firms were... Full story

 By Max Miller    News    December 21, 2016

Planning commission bids farewell to Grubb

“I’m not the guy anymore.” Rory Grubb reminded Andy Van Tol. Dec. 13. After 11 years as a member of the Saratoga Planning Commission, Grubb chaired his final meeting of that body Tuesday,... Full story


The sound of silver

Cody Sheldon's Saratoga Elementary School students came back from the weekend to a special treat Monday, Dec. 12. A few weeks prior, Sheldon, the school's music teacher had done some extra credit... Full story

 By Max Miller    Sports    December 21, 2016

Lady Panthers '3W' weekend

After putting in a shaky effort to start the season 0-3 earlier in the month, the Saratoga Panthers girls’ basketball team sent a strong message to the world of Wyoming high school athletics over... Full story

 By Max Miller    Sports    December 21, 2016

Three days in Thermopolis

The Saratoga Panthers boys’ basketball team did not go gentle into that good winter break. The Panthers fought and clawed for two victories in three days of games, sandwiching a loss to top-ranked... Full story

 By Max Miller    Sports    December 21, 2016

Dominance in December

"Coach Stockwell looked at me at some point last night and said, 'You know how many in a row we've won, right?'" That's Saratoga Panthers wrestling coach Zack Schmidt, remembering a conversation he'd... Full story

 By Max Miller    News    December 21, 2016

Bridging cultures

Encampment School Spanish teacher Toby Ricks only had a trimester's worth of eighth grade Spanish and two months of training from the Church of Latter Day Saints when he first went to Ecuador as a... Full story

 By Max Miller    News    December 14, 2016

Care, value top considerations in river dredging

About 15 different contractors representing eight different firms gathered at the Saratoga Town Hall Dec. 8 for an informational session on a project to clear Platte River gravel bars near the HWY... Full story

 By Max Miller    News    December 14, 2016

Few brave wind for short meeting

Few ventured into howling winter wind to attend the Dec. 6 meeting of the Saratoga Town Council. About five members of the public (including incoming council member Jennie Lou Ivory) turned out for... Full story

 By Max Miller    News    December 14, 2016

Sinclair reports fire

A fire at the Sinclair Oil Refinery that broke out in the wee hours of Dec. 12 was quickly-contained and caused no serious damage or injuries according to Sinclair’s Community Relations Director Ryt... Full story

 By Max Miller    Sports    December 14, 2016

Pinning 100

Saratoga High School (SHS) senior Thomas Ingraham didn’t have to wait long to notch the hundredth wrestling win of his high school career. After sitting on 99 victories all off-season long,... Full story

 By Max Miller    Sports    December 14, 2016

Panthers basketball debuts at 1-2

The Saratoga Panthers boys basketball team went 1-2 in their hardwood debut over the weekend, notching a win against Moorcroft while falling short in games against Lingle-Fort Laramie and Shoshoni.... Full story

 By Max Miller    Sports    December 14, 2016

Lady Panthers gauge progress

While Heather Bartlett’s Saratoga Middle School boys basketball team was getting anointed conference champions, her other team, the Saratoga High School girls basketball team was getting off to a... Full story

 By Max Miller    News    December 7, 2016

Falling through the Health Net

"Every morning when I wake up now I'm paralyzed almost. I have tingling and pain from the waist up." That's Don Ainsworth, describing the start to his day. It can take him up to 30 minutes to get out... Full story

 By Max Miller    Opinion    December 7, 2016

Bliss on a bike

After turning off the paved road, the first kilometer or two of my bike ride around the barrage were unadulterated bliss. The path rolled up and down country hills, occasionally allowing a snapshot of... Full story

 By Max Miller    News    December 7, 2016

44 degrees south, $16k to go

A flurry of fundraisers will be held across the Good Times Valley in coming months. According to Toby Ricks, a Spanish teacher at the Encampment School, the goal of the charity events is to raise... Full story

 By Max Miller    News    November 30, 2016

X-Ray air

“Humanitarian? I don’t know. I guess.” That was local resident Bill Ward, remembering how he reacted to being featured as one of six doctors and dentists “reaching out to people in need in... Full story

 By Max Miller    News    November 30, 2016

BSB celebrates a year 'down the street'

Late last month, Saratoga's charitable thrift shop Bridge Street Bargains celebrated one year at its current location at 114 East Bridge Avenue. It was an important landmark for an oddities emporium... Full story


Devon does downtown

Devon Allman first came to Saratoga as a young musician who, through a random encounter in a Minneapolis bar, had chanced into a strange gig in a town he'd never heard about. It was 2006, and though... Full story

 By Max Miller    News    November 23, 2016

LED-ing Bridge St. to a brighter future

Judy Welton will be stepping down from her post as a Saratoga Town Council member when her term expires early next year. She had one last idea she wanted to float before she returns to the life of a p... Full story

 By Max Miller    News    November 23, 2016

Chamber makes triple play

The Saratoga/Platte Valley Chamber of Commerce is making a triple play for local businesses. Make a purchase of $20 or more at any of your favorite local businesses on the three Saturdays from Nov. 26... Full story

 By Max Miller    News    November 23, 2016

DAPL activists hit hot springs

Zenergy, Charis Thompson, Moonshine and Candace Jefferson are adamant about the fact that they are not "protesters." Still reeling and exhausted from a violent police crackdown the night before, the... Full story


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