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Easter week services, hunts

As the Christian Holy Week arrives, many area churches are offering special services. Following is a list of those services from all the churches the Saratoga Sun was able to contact. EASTER WEEK...

 By Keith McLendon    News    March 28, 2018

Crawfish for cause

The Mangy Moose Bar and Grill will play host to a benefit crawfish boil this Saturday. This event, which has moved around to different locations over its five year run, will feature cajun cooking...


Ready for a break?

In what has been an expanding weekend, pool enthusiasts from the region and around the world will converge on Saratoga to play pool in what has been called by organizers, "the most popular pool event...

 By Keith McLendon    News    March 28, 2018

Club gets reprieve

The Platte Valley Kiwanis was at an end. Feeling there was no interest in continuing the organization, local Kiwanis leaders voted in February to disband the chapter. Then they got help. Dave Gloss,...


Pool, from the deep end

Pool, or billiards, began with … I know that because I made up a funny bit about how darts began, you are waiting for me to give you a completely fabricated, cock-and-bull story about how this...


Darting about

Darts were invented by two Scottish physicians and brothers by the name of Dartmouth. In 1844, the pair became inebriated one evening (a Tuesday around teatime) in their office and started throwing...


Windoor sports: Table and board edition

In a small western town (or just small towns in general probably), the bulk of general socialization goes on in establishments that serve alcohol. In the summer our towns boast activities and events a...


Masters of letters

Twenty-four third to sixth graders started off the evening Tuesday writing spelling words being spoken to them. After five rounds of ten words apiece, the 10 best spellers were selected to head into...


Library board faces sudden lack of quorum

The Bess Sheller room at the Rawlins Public Library was full as the Carbon County Library Board convened at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 17 for a special meeting. After calling the meeting to order and...


Sports go green too

I have been told by semi-reliable sources (yes, you Carrie) that green is neutral for our school district. I will explain further because that statement is probably a bit confusing. The Encampment Tig...


Library board faces sudden lack of quorum

The Bess Sheller room at the Rawlins Public Library was full as the Carbon County Library Board convened at 9 a.m. Wednesday, Jan. 17 for a special meeting. After calling the meeting to order and... Full story


A pre-rant rant

I got more response about my last column “Goodbye Saratoga” than I ever have for something I have written. While I feel I have penned things worthier of comment, I have been overwhelmed by the she... Full story


This doesn't suck … but it's supposed to

Having a cleaner house is simpler today than almost any time in the past. That is due to a little device that literally sucks. The humble vacuum cleaner sits where you put it until you finally decide... Full story

 By Keith McLendon    News    June 14, 2017

Restart for Pickett Park?

The June 6 Saratoga Town Council meeting began with approval of the agenda, previous minutes and the town’s bills. The council briefly discussed a fundraising car wash for the speech team to be... Full story

 By Keith McLendon    Opinion    May 24, 2017

Hell? No, just State track

Before I get into my regularly-scheduled rant, I would like to express how proud I am of every single participant at the Wyoming State track meet held recently. I saw kids trying to compete with aches... Full story


One on eight

Margaret Weber, of Riverside, was recently surprised as she went to pick up her tee after a drive on the eighth hole of the golf course at the Saratoga Resort and Spa. Weber was playing with friends... Full story

 By Keith McLendon    Opinion    May 3, 2017

Things are heating up ... fast

There are several apparatuses (apparati?) around the home with which most folks contend. I have written on struggles with the washer/dryer and its attendant chores and fluids. I have praised the... Full story

 By Keith McLendon    News    April 12, 2017

EastCo Easter events

Festivities and observances are planned around the county for the upcoming Holy Week. Easter egg hunts are on tap for towns and organizations while special services are planned at community houses of... Full story


The Western Way

I have mentioned the “Wyoming Way” in a previous column. The way I described it was: “When someone asks you if you can do something, you say ‘yes’ and learn it as you go.” I think... Full story


Youth hoops up and running

The cuteness factor was high as kids skipped downcourt, drove past defenders tying their shoes and sometimes forgot to dribble while playing in the Utah Jazz youth basketball program Saturday. Though... Full story

 By Keith McLendon    News    March 22, 2017

No quorum delays planning commission

The Saratoga Planning commission had a meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 14. Present were Chris Duke, Rusty Rogers and chairman Karl Smith. Nora Asbury, Jim Beckman and Will Faust were absent. Due... Full story


Idiocy and editorialocity

Well, I have been editor/publisher of the Saratoga Sun for just over a year now. It has been both a fun and harrowing ride. I still feel like a bit of a fraud though. You may know I was just the lowly... Full story


Where the wild things grow

The Saratoga Friends of the Library and the Community Garden Board hosted a free program entitled "Habitat Hero: Wildscaping 101" Tuesday night at the Saratoga Library. About 16 residents showed up... Full story

 By Keith McLendon    Sports    March 8, 2017

Lady Tiger Champs

Encampment started at fourth seed in the state tournament Thursday and faced Lingle, Little Snake River, and St. Stevens on their way to the state 1A championship. Quarter Finals Vs. Lingle Lady... Full story

 By Keith McLendon    Sports    March 1, 2017


 The bus left Wednesday for Casper and the good weather had the wrestling coach wondering why they had left early. By Wednesday night Saratoga head wrestling coach Zach Schmidt had his answer.... Full story


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