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America's Gift to My Generation


January 24, 2018

America was founded in 1776 through great hardship and struggle. Through these difficulties, a country was created that was unlike any before it. While this incredible country has had its own obstacles throughout its history, America laid the building blocks for a new and better world. Among the many gifts that this amazing country has given us, the gift of freedom is the most valuable and important.

Freedom is defined as, “the state of being free of at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint,” but to me, freedom is more than that. To me, freedom is the ability to present our views and differences without the fear of being persecuted. To me, freedom is the ability to protect our friends and family members from the dangers that face us every day in the modern world. To me, freedom is the ability to have choice in a world where having a choice can be prohibited.

Thomas Sowell once said that, “The freedom of America is the freedom to live your own life and take your own chances.” In America, the gift of freedom has allowed us to not just walk through life, but to fully live it. While this gift is not often touched upon, it is perhaps the most valuable. In other countries around the world, the ability to live your own life is shut down and restricted. In other countries, this important part of freedom does not exist.

These reasons are all part of the fact that here in America, freedom is possibly the most important gift to my generation. Without the gift of freedom, life in a sense does not exist. Without the gift of freedom, the people of my generation would not live their lives as they do today. This is why freedom is the most important and valuable gift to my generation.


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