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The buck’s influence stops here


It has come to our attention at the Saratoga Sun that there is a movement afoot to curb runaway political spending.

We agree with this so wholeheartedly we are running two letters to the editor this week on that topic.

We at the Saratoga Sun feel no candidate should be able to “spend their way into office,” so the Saratoga Sun joins republican and former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson in backing this effort.

The amount of money corporations and special interests can throw into elections has unbalanced our political system alarmingly.

While the exact mechanism of a new constitutional amendment is still vague, we feel any step in this direction is a good one.

If you agree that runaway political spending is bad for Wyoming and this country as a whole, we encourage you to read the letters to the editor in this paper, visit the stores and organizations that are hosting the petition and sign it.


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