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By Liz Wood 

Glode is panelist for Leap into Leadership


Carbon County Commissioner Lindy Glode has been invited to be a panelist for the annual Leap into Leadership 2015 Thursday and Friday.

Wyoming Leap into Leadership was started in 2008 to invite women across the state to become familiar with legislation.

The Wyoming Women's Leadership Caucus is made up of all women, but both men and women are invited to participate in the Leap into Leadership seminar.

"The group was started to network and a way to share lessons learned," Melissa Turley, coordinator for the Leap into Leadership 2015.

Glode said she plans to share her experiences to encourage more people to run for office. Not just women, but men too.

Glode, who has run seven campaigns in her political career said Wyoming has smart capable women who are afraid to run on a ballot. "I want to get them to not be afraid of being on a ballot."

Glode thinks it is equally scary for men. They tell her they don't want to get into politics, but most of them already are. "They just don't want to get on a ballot," Glode said.

Glode is an alumni of Wyoming Women's Legislature Caucus and said she had learned a lot over years of attending.

She plans to share what she has learned. Glode said she loves to campaign and she would like to help people learn how to campaign for office.

The Caucus holds two workshops per year, one in the spring, which travels throughout the state and the other in the winter, which is traditionally held in Cheyenne.

Turney said there has been a decrease in women in the legislature and currently only 12 of the 90 legislators are women.

Only 12 of the 96 Wyoming County Commissioners are women.

Part of the difficulty in getting women involved is that they are care takers for their parents, spouse or children, Tourney said.

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