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By Mike Dunn 

Elder comes to Community Center


Mike Dunn

New Community Center Executive Director Joe Elder stands alongside his predecessor Stephanie Vines.

Joe Elder has taken over as Executive Director at the Platte Valley Community Center (PVCC).

The Saratoga resident brings a wide array of abilities to the position.

Elder said that combining his previous jobs as Saratoga town treasurer and the editor of The Saratoga Sun made the executive director position at PVCC an ideal job for him to take on.

"I think moving here and being a reporter for The Saratoga Sun was really a unique and in-depth way to get involved with the community and get acquainted with all of the great organizations that live in this town," Elder said. "And then working with the town too was kind of an extension of that introduction--getting to know the town from the government side."

Elder loves the challenge of any job he takes on. Graduating with a Bachelor's degree in History from the University of Wyoming, Elder is used to learning new skills with his profession.

"I guess I like the challenges. I don't like to be in the grey," Elder said. "I like to be constantly challenging myself and confronting new things and learning new things."

For the Community Center itself, Elder says the sky's the limit. He says he wants to see the PVCC be utilized for anything and everything.

"I just think [the community center] is a fantastic asset that the town has. There are so many utilizations and potentials for it," Elder said.

Elder said that the community center is primarily used for recreation as of now, but he also sees a potential for educational uses in the future.

But overall, Elder said he is just thrilled to be at his new job.

"I'm very excited about it."


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