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Enter (and exit) the Sandman

There is a guy out there who, according to western legend, puts people to sleep by sprinkling magical sand onto people’s eyes. That guy is the Sandman. He even has a famous song: “Mr. Sandman.” Yeah, well, the Sandman needs to hire some... Full story


Getting in the spirit

I have been immersing myself in the world of spirits lately. Not the Halloween ghostie spirit type, but the culture of alcohol. A project I am working on has me coming across bits of info I have found interesting on the consumption of spirits. A lot... Full story


Ten things to supercharge your sex life. Number eight will shock you!

You may have noticed there are quite a few headlines on the internet designed purely to lure you into clicking on them. These story titles, dubbed “clickbait,” are designed to pique your curiosity and quite often have absolutely nothing to do... Full story


Driving Carbon County

I commute 40 miles one way every day I work at the Saratoga Sun. My job before had me going back and forth from Laramie. That means I have been exposed to a fair amount of driving in Wyoming, most of it in Carbon County, just going to work There are... Full story



The Saratoga Town Council is currently reviewing the Planned Unit Development (PUD) proposal submitted by the Saratoga Planning Commission. This plan is designed to allow more flexibility and creativity in site planning. The PUD also streamlines the... Full story


National Days daze

Here it is again. National Flatulence Day. In observance, I ate beans all day yesterday. You should see the look on my coworkers faces—I am worried they might stick like that. Okay, you got me. There is no specific National Flatulence Day. I... Full story


The why of cry

I grew up hearing that “real men don’t cry.” What a load of crap. Fortunately, I never heard this kind of drivel from my parents. But parents aren’t the only influence in someone’s life. Shedding tears helps you recognize your feelings and... Full story


Letter to the Editor

Editor, Recently, out of rather immense frustration, I addressed the Saratoga Town Council concerning the scourge of methamphetamine addiction/use and attendant crime in this community. Although the Police Department inferred my criticisms to mean... Full story


Letter to the Editor

Editor, In response to Mr. Armstrong. There are so many things to talk about in your editorial, so many. I start by mentioning how very sad it is that we have an entire generation now that believe public policy and even history should be written or... Full story


'Heritage' is no excuse for racism

My father’s side of the family are Virginians and have lived in Fauquier County for close to two centuries. It is a beautiful place with tons and tons of history. He was raised in a small town about the size of Elk Mountain and almost everyone is r... Full story


A phony article

There is at least one appliance I have yet to mention in my periodic discourses on such things. It has become invaluable tool in our everyday life, but it didn’t start that way. That device was … the telegraph! Alright. No. But the telegraph was... Full story


Saratoga Sun Editorial

It has come to our attention at the Saratoga Sun that there is a movement afoot to curb runaway political spending. We agree with this so wholeheartedly we are running two letters to the editor this week on that topic. We at the Saratoga Sun feel no...


History is always important

This is probably to seem like it is going to be about one topic, but then it goes in another direction. It will tie together, I promise. Last week, Milton Ontiveroz, University of Wyoming Communications Specialist came to the office of the Sun. After... Full story


Letter to the Editor

Wyoming Promise volunteers are collecting signatures across the state for a bipartisan citizens’ initiative to restore free and fair elections. Wyoming Promise is a citizens’ grassroots effort to get big money out of politics by calling on... Full story


Letter to the Editor

Dear Senators Enzi and Barrasso and Representative Cheney: In a public opinion poll taken in 2016, Rasmussen Reports found that 76% of Americans “believe the wealthiest individuals and companies have too much influence over elections,” while 80%... Full story


Quest for sushi

It was a Monday. If you know anything about my normal Mondays they are usually pretty hectic and go fairly late as we try to get as much of the paper done as we can so the staff and I can proofread on... Full story


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